In order to make an effective contribution to your business or organization, we focus on the constantly changing requirements of the market, the environment, and ultimately of you as managers and decision-makers.

We continually check and develop our concepts, programs, tools and project designs to ensure their validity and effectiveness. They use the most up-to-date information in research and consultancy methods.

We work nationally and internationally in German and English for all sizes of business – from small and medium-sized organizations to global groups. Working together with you to understand and substantiate your needs is extremely important to us. We’re driven by a desire to offer you flexible, effective and measurable support that helps you to accomplish successful transformations in your company.

We like challenges – let’s overcome them together.

Change management – organizational development
  • Training managers in the basics of change management
  • Training disseminators as agents of change
  • Training complete management teams and supporting them through change processes
  • Reviewing and taking stock of ongoing transformation processes
Post-merger integration (PMI) and restructuring support
  • Moderation of strategy development and implementation planning
  • Accompanying the management team during the integration phase
  • Large group events to involve all concerned parties in the mutual identification of tasks
  • Accompanying all levels of leadership during restructuring processes
Diagnosis and development of talent and leadership qualities
  • Diagnosis workshops – competence assessments with senior management
  • Leadership training at all levels – developing leadership skills
  • Upward feedback process – including implementation, evaluation, feedback sessions, and coaching
  • 360-degree feedback: organization, implementation, and evaluation
  • Supporting teams whilst they receive feedback
  • Individual coaching for leaders at all levels
Development and implementation of HR management tools
  • Talent management
  • From the Administrator to the HR Partner
  • Redesign of HR management tools (appraisal, talent assessments, HR Portfolio, objective agreement procedure, evaluation procedure etc.)
  • Running workshops with HR Managers and management teams to implement the HR tools
Training and development for HR Managers and HR Development partners
  • Position identification to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Demonstrating strategic tools for HR Managers
  • Training on tools and methods e.g. the main focus of organizational or HR development
  • Training on change management and moderation
Executive coaching
  • Individual position identification for all levels of management, including strength and weakness analysis
  • Developing confrontation and conflict management skills
  • Leadership potential analysis
  • Career advice
  • Coaching in dealing with unusual situations
Sales and negotiations training (sales forces development)
  • Strength and weakness analysis for sales teams
  • Selling and negotiating in difficult situations
  • Strategic selling
  • Training and coaching for employees and managers in the use of the sales cycle
Training to improve communication, moderation, and conflict resolution
  • Communication fundamentals
  • The art of conflict management
  • Presenting your own point of view effectively
  • Effective presentation skills – speaking in front of groups
  • Intervention and managing communication effectively in meetings and workshops
Project management
  • Tools and methods for efficient project management
  • Supervision and coaching for project managers and teams
  • Project management audit
  • Needs analysis, conception and implementation of multi project management (program management, project management, office and project portfolio management).