Excellence in sales – increasing sales performance

Flipchart Sales Effectiveness

Activities within professional markets must find the fine balance between conflicting needs, with market development and customer expectations on one side, and product development, production, and marketing on the other.

Expectations continue to be high, and the ability to measure all activities has dramatically increased since the introduction of computerized planning methods and ways to measure success.

At the same time, the requirements of efficient sales staff and their management teams in the areas of social competence, as well as technical and procedural capabilities, are exceedingly demanding. Effective customer guidance includes the whole spectrum from needs assessments, presentation, responding to objections, price negotiations, to closing the sale, post-production, and post-sales activities. In addition, these activities need to be combined with adequate strategic knowledge.

In our programs for leaders and staff in both sales and back office roles, we demonstrate behaviors and tools to allow them to effectively manage these conflicting needs, as well as to co-ordinate the networks of all functions in the business and the customer environment.

We combine our own sales and management experience with industry knowledge and current tools for strategic and practical marketing.